Mary September ~ immigrant wife & mother, author, advocate & performing artist, has lived in the townships of South Africa, the bush in Malawi, south of the Thames in London, and in an RV in the burbs north of Seattle.


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  1. Hi Mary! Glad to find you here.

  2. Mary Groshong says:

    Hey Ms. Mary, this is Mary (from Syre). I thought I would check out what you’re up to and I must tell you that I’m very impressed :), you’ve been busy!!! I imagine your life now is exactly what you’ve been hoping for all these years, and for Solomon too! Oh yeah, and for Patrick! Anyway, if you’re still in the area and have time, would love to have coffee and catch up cuz I haven’t seen you since our “memorable” outing at Edmonds Beach šŸ˜‰

    1. Yes!!!! I would love to see you! We’re in the Edmonds area quite regularly since Solomon goes to Edmonds Heights k12.

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