Jumping off bridges

Ten years of marriage to Patrick September has been like leaping off Kelsey Creek bridge on the Scott River:  scary, completely out of my control or comfort zone, breath-taking, shocking upon landing.

I was particularly blue when Patrick called this morning. He made a joke about throwing me off a bridge, something our best friend told him in 2002 when we’d just gotten engaged. I retorted I’d grab his toes on the way and drag him down with me.  In the car, I related that conversation to Solomon and he got the case of the giggles, visualizing Mommy holding onto Daddy’s toes and both of us plunging into the river underneath the bridge.

Maybe it’s the fact that we have so few visa documents left to submit and so few more requirements to fulfill . . . 
Maybe it’s the coming of spring . . . 
Maybe it’s the effect that a giggling child has on one’s soul . . . 

It feels like our family will be together soon.

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